SAS_thumbnailcoverThe Essential PROC SQL Procedure Handbook For SAS Users

SAS Press, 2005

“The Essential PROC SQL Handbook for SAS Users is a well-organized, well-thought out and very handy reference guide. It is… a must-have for any SAS user who pulls data from relational tables.” – Robert Schroko, Vice President of Database Marketing/CRM, Saks Fifth Avenue

“What a versatile book! It’s a tutorial for SAS users that have never used SQL. It’s a step-by-step guide for programmers that need to convert existing SQL code into SAS PROC SQL. It is also a resource that any experienced SAS user will find invaluable. Even those who have been using PROC SQL for years can improve their code efficiency and sophistication by spending just a short amount of time with this handbook.” – Meredith Sterling Bechtold, SAS user

Today’s fast-paced work environment requires users and IT professionals alike to quickly become proficient with new programming concepts. The Essential SQL Procedure Handbook is designed to meet this need by providing SAS users with a single-source practical reference for the SQL procedure.

The logical layout of the book will appeal to all levels of SQL users. Each chapter will provide comprehensive coverage of a single topic, and every concept within the chapter will be accompanied by working sample SAS code. In addition, tips and techniques will be included wherever possible. Beginners will be able to write simple SQL procedures after reviewing only the first two chapters. More advanced users will be able to skip to the chapter in which they’re most interested by reviewing the Quick Reference provided in an appendix.

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