International Rubery Award Shortlist

International Rubery Book Award



Alex Graham is the daughter of geologist, Brian Graham, who suspects that gems from a Brazilian mine are being used to fund terrorism. Alex is dispatched to the mine to investigate, and the story begins with an illicit mission into the mine during which one person, Benjamin, is killed and another, Mosi, is injured. It turns out that the mine is yielding tanzanite, a rare gem usually found only in Tanzania. Now Alex and the injured Mosi must escape Brazil, and the story becomes a chase narrative in which she must evade the killers, and the villains who pull their strings.

The novel shifts between the perspectives of the hunter and the hunted, and the juxtaposition works well, building in tension and intrigue as the motivations of the various players are revealed. It’s a tightly written, well constructed book, with an international scope. Apparently it is the second in a series of Alex Graham novels. It’s a slick, competent novel despite this, and I can imagine it having considerable appeal to thriller enthusiasts.

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