I deliver a wide-range of writing workshops in small group, classroom and conference settings, a sampling of which are detailed below. Please feel free to contact me about a custom workshop for your writing group, library or festival.

Scene of the Crime

We’ve all read mysteries set in a “dark and stormy night”, but a compelling suspense scene requires so much more. This interactive workshop explores how to use the five senses to manipulate mood and ratchet-up tension, and how to twist scenes from serene to sinister through careful word-choice and pacing.

Motive, Beyond the Mundane

Greed, lust, revenge, protection, loyalty, justice – these are but a few of the motives most authors rely on, but without shading or used alone, they too often result in one-dimensional characters, or predictable storylines. This hands-on workshop takes an in-depth look at a spectrum of human behaviour that explains the “why” behind actions of both villains and heroes, and explores how to layer motives to create compelling characters that intensify any story.

Scrivener Essentials

For writers, Scrivener offers a different way of working, one that allows the freedom to focus on the story and keeps research and writing together. This workshop offers a practical look at Scrivener that highlights its best features and tools in a step-by-step approach that walks through a new writing project from start to finished product.

Scrivener Intensive

A longer, more comprehensive version of my Scrivener Essentials workshop. This workshop offers a practical look at Scrivener that covers additional topics in Scrivener and although beginners are welcome, it is best suited to those with some basic knowledge of Scrivener. It can be customized as a follow-up workshop to Scrivener Essentials.