Spoiler Alert Warning!

These questions contain story details

and are designed for those who have already read THIRST.



Book Club Discussion Questions


Alex Graham is a mining geologist, a male-dominated profession that may be new to you. 

  • What do you think it’s like for a woman to work in a profession like this? 
  • Mining geology often means field work and that can mean weeks or months away from home. How do you think that affects Alex’s relationships?
  • In THIRST, Alex is living in a tent in the mountains part of the time. Is that something you think you could do? 
  • She’s also spending much of her time alone. What does that tell you about her? 
  • Alex shows early-on that she can take care of herself. Do you believe that she would have shot and killed Trent Walden if Nate Taylor hadn’t shown up?


Loss is a common theme in THIRST, including loss of freedom and sovereignty with the Slocan Valley under martial law imposed by a joint U.S.-Can military force:

  • Young people in the Slocan Valley protest the military action, sometimes violent, which we’ve seen in cities world-wide. Do you believe they are justified? If not, how do they make themselves heard? And how far is too far? 
  • Agreements between the United States and Canada provide for each country’s military to help the other in times of crisis or mutual threat. How do you think you would react to another country’s military in your home town?    


Desperation drives many of the characters in this story to act in ways they would never otherwise consider.

  • Do you think Dr. Eric Keenan did the right thing when he disobeyed a direct order from his Chief of Staff? What about his visit to his patient’s home?
  • How do you feel about Alex’s decision to lie to Eric and Nate Taylor?
  • What about Olivia Taylor’s decision to involve herself in the violent protests? 
  • RCMP Corporal Nate Taylor crosses the line to protect his daughter. Do you believe he intentionally killed Trent Walden? Do you believe he could have killed Alex if he thought it would save his daughter?
  • What about Trent Walden? He failed to protect his son, and that led him to seek out revenge in a heinous way. Do you see him as a man whose grief pushes him to such desperate acts?