Spoiler Alert Warning!

These questions contain story details

and are designed for those who have already read BLUE FIRE.


BLUE FIRE Book Club Discussion Questions


Alex Graham is a mining geologist, a male-dominated profession, and that creates many challenges for her.

  • Mining geology often means field work and that can mean weeks or months away from home. Alex’s relationship with Dr. Eric Keenan is still new; how do you think her time away from home will affect that relationship?
  • The Novoteras miners, Paulo and Benjamin, refuse to go into the mine with Alex because of a superstition about a woman in the mine bringing bad luck. This is reality for some women mining geologists. What would your reaction be?
  • In THIRST, Alex showed us that she can take care of herself, but in BLUE FIRE she takes desperate measures to take care of Mosi Ongeti. Do you believe


Gem smuggling is at the heart of BLUE FIRE. We’ve al heard of conflict diamonds, but other gemstones also fund terrorism, illegal arms deals, and war:

  • Laser-etched identification is currently used for some diamonds. Do you believe this deters crime?
  • The cutting-edge research into gem fingerprinting is mentioned. How might this change the illegal trade in gems?
  • Mine and government officials turn a blind-eye, accept a cut of the profits or other bribes, to allow illegal mines to operate. What can be done?

BLUE FIRE introduces Mosi Ongeti, a man Alex has known since she was a child, and she loves him like a brother.

  • Alex and Mosi live a half-a-world apart and seldom see each other, yet they maintain a strong bond. Why?
  • Do you think Mosi thinks of Alex as a little sister, or does he treat her more like a daughter?
  • Alex and Mosi are fiercely loyal to each other and they both risk their lives to save the other, but Mosi’s loyalty is divided:
  • Why did he keep his conversation with Brian in Brazil, secret from Alex?
  • Mosi makes some interesting choices after spotting the tracker in his village. Discuss his disappearance, an action that left his wife and Alex fearing for his life. What motivated him? Did he do enough to keep Alex safe?  What do his actions tell you about his relationship with his wife?


We get to know Alex’s father, Brian Graham, in BLUE FIRE.

  • Alex doesn’t hesitate to fly to Brazil after little more than a cryptic message from her dad, Brian Graham. What does that tell you about their relationship?
  • Do you believe he made foolish choices or is there more to his actions in South American than Alex knows?


Desperation drives many of the characters in this story to act in ways they would never otherwise consider.

  • Put yourself in Jorge Silva’s shoes: Would you have taken the job of Novoteras mine manager offered by Tabitha Metals? Or would you have listened to the words of his father, who counselled him not to take the job? As a police officer, do you think he should have investigated further before taking the job?
  • Jorge Silva takes a huge risk when he takes a piece of gemstone from the Novoteras mine. What was his motivation?
  • Why did Zahra sell the gemstone? Did she do the right thing? Would you have done something different?
  • To protect herself and Eric, Alex kills their attacker in the Serengeti. What impact do you think this will have on her? Do you believe Eric will see her differently?
  • Shen Li agrees to betray his employer Jianyu Wei in exchange for help from Park Fàn. Do you believe that Shen trusted Park? Or did he believe he could control him?