Science. Politics. Deadly Intent.

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“THIRST leads the reader down a literary mineshaft where oxygen is running low and time short. Flavoured with insider expertise and a natural storyteller’s flair, THIRST is a gripping and fun ride.”

—Daniel Kalla, bestselling author of NIGHTFALL OVER SHANGHAI


All eyes are on the dams.

The true threat lies elsewhere.

“Katherine Prairie’s fully realised characters—the bad guys as much as the good guys—and convincing plot resonate powerfully in today’s uncertain world. Strap in for one hell of a ride.”

—Zoë Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox crime thriller series


An incredible discovery.

A race for the truth.

Alex Graham Thriller Series

Katherine Prairie

Author Katherine Prairie brings her own experience as an international geologist to the Alex Graham thriller series. She is an award-winning presenter and frequent guest speaker at conferences where she shares her writing and editing expertise.

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Partners in Crime: Authors and Editors


Rescheduled; date TBA

Sisters in Crime –Toronto Chapter (virtual event)

A good editor is invisible to the reader. They weave their edits into a story rather than overtake it, allowing the author’s voice to be the only one heard. But how exactly does that work?

Editors partner with authors at every stage of a manuscript, from idea to print. Developmental and structural editing; copyediting and proofreading—through these editing techniques, editors take a hard look at plot, timeline, and characters, and review every word and sentence.

Join author and editor Katherine Prairie for an inside look at this editing process. We’ll discuss the editing that takes place throughout a writing project, and how both fiction or non-fiction manuscripts benefit.

World-Building: Make Me Believe


Rescheduled; date TBA

The Writers’ Community of York Region

Every fiction author invites readers into an imagined world, whether it’s a small town, a futuristic earth, or a faraway planet. But an author must build trust, for a reader to believe.

In this hands-on workshop, we’ll look at techniques that create believable worlds, with focus on critical details and how best to present them so readers will confidently follow you – no matter where you take them.

Interested in your own workshop?

I welcome the opportunity to offer writing and editing workshops and presentations to writing groups, libraries, and conferences.